About Us

Our Mission is…

To be a worshiping fellowship, with the awareness of God’s presence, responding in obedience to his leadership by sharing God’s love by leading other to him too. 

Our Goal is…

To do the best we can with what we have for Jesus’ sake. 

Our Purpose is…


History of Bellevue Baptist Church

The Beginning

On July 5, 1956 Rev. J.R. Sheffler, a member of Pleasant Glade Baptist Church of Colleyville, held a meeting in his home to consider organizing a mission. On the following Wednesday evening, July 11, Pleasant Glade voted to establish a mission with its place of meeting to be Isham Chapel. The first services were held on Sunday, July 15, 1956 with J.R. Sheffler as mission pastor. There were fourteen people presenting themselves for membership in the mission. The mission met Sunday, May 12, 1957 at 2:00 p.m. for the purpose of organizing a New Testament Church. A vote was taken on the resolution to organize and it was passed unanimously. The name “Bellevue” had been suggested earlier on March 10, 1957. It was presented for consideration and passed by the church body. Rev. Ralph W. Hovey, who had been the pastor of the mission since March 10, 1957, was unanimously called as the first pastor of the newly organized church. On the day of the Organization Service there were fifty-three charter members.ExpansionThe church purchased land at 625 West Pipeline Road in Hurst. The purchase of three and one third acres of land was made with the aid of a gift of $1,000 from the Baptist General Convention of Texas and $1,800 from the Tarrant Baptist Assocation. On May 15, 1957 Bellevue started the sale of a $17,000 A-B-C bond issue with which to construct a house of worship. A 3,000 square foot building was built which contained an auditonium and educational space. The auditorium’s seating capacity was 180. The first service in the new building was held November, 1957. The congregation had grown to 125. The church’s first expansion program began in early 1958 with the building of additional education space. With the resignation of Rev. Hovey, a vote was taken on October 5, 1958 to call Rev. Frank Daryl Jones as pastor. In 1960, under the leadership of Rev. Jones, expansion countinued with additional office and educational space, along with an auditorium built to seat 450. The building was paid for with bonds. On Sunday, October 12, 1963 Bellevue entered its fourth building phase within a six year period with ground breaking ceremonies for a new educational building. The two story building was constructed at a cost of $112,000 and contains approximately 15,320 square feet. The facility also included a complete kitchen.The GrowthBellevue experienced tremendous growth during the early years. Total church membership grew from 86 in 1957 to 906 in 1964. Part of the reason was the fast population growth in the Hurst area. In June, 1963 Bellevue had prepared for 400 children in Vacation Bible School. On the first day, 600 children showed up. Rev. Don Lasley began his ministry at Bellevue on July 2, 1967. Upon his resignation, on July 11, 1970 a special business meeting was called and a unanimous vote taken to issue a call to Rev. C. Douglas White to become pastor. During his ministry, the average Sunday School attendance climbed to a height of 594. On December 1, 1972 ground breaking ceremonies were held for the new worship-educational complex. The building encompassed 30,000 square feet and included a 1,250 seat auditorium, educational space, offices, and a new nursery. The former auditiorium was converted into recreational-educational accommodations. On January 23, 1983 a unanimous vote was taken to extend a call to Rev. Bill Smith. Upon the death of pastor Bill, Rev. Benny F. Lewis was called as pastor on July, 1997. With the resignation of Rev. Lewis, a vote was taken on Febuary 22, 2004 to call Rev. Jerry Paulding as pastor.MinistryBellevue has always been a mission minded New Testament church with a desire to minister to all cultural groups in the area. It has sponsored and hosted many different ethnic mission churches and currently sponsors and serves in an area mission program to feed and clothe the needy.