Who We Are, and What We Believe

Who We Are

Bellevue is a Southern Baptist Church and is a member of the Southern Baptist Texas Convention. (SBTC)


Southern Baptists have prepared a statement of generally held convictions called The Baptist Faith and Message. It serves as a guide to understanding who they are. Copies are available at Southern Baptist churches. The topics here provide only a brief, partial summary. The full text on the issue discussed is also available. (more…)

Mission One

To gather together as brothers and sister is Christ to worship the One True God.

Mission Two

To study the Bible (God’s Holy Word) so that we may cultivate our relationship with God and know Him on a deeper level.

Mission Three

To make disciples of all nations. In other words, to share the Gospel of Jesus and make His name famous.

Get to know our church staff

Our staff has a desire to serve the church and make the Gospel known in everything we do.

Our Staff